About SSJ Solutions

SSJ Solutions is a global, quality-driven HR Consulting firm with over 25 years of understanding multi-organizational issues and work environments enabling it to provide an all-round support for Talent Acquisition and other HR services across different industries.

The labor market is as tight as it’s ever been and trends indicate that professionals will be even scarcer in the future. Everybody knows how critical recruiting is in today’s business environment. In the interest of time and cost, corporates are increasingly turning to one-stop solutions to meet their Human Resources needs.

Started by Maj Gen T P Singh (Retd) in 1991 after a long and distinguished career in the Army, we now operate through a wide network of professionals. Arvind Dev, an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad, (one of the top management institutes of the Asia-Pacific region) now leads us bringing with him the wide experience he has gained through his long stint in SBI and also through his one year assignment at London.


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